Hello kids! Here you will find out about all things Jacque Garoutte, that's Jack Guh-Route like Route 66, the street I grew up on in northeast Oklahoma. Now it's 12800 south highway 69 or something like that. But that's another story. This site is about me and my music, thanks for checking it out!

The site wide music player at the bottom of each page gives you a WIDE variety of music I have written and/or recorded with friends through the years, If you don't dig the track just hit next and it will be something different!

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Here is a new song I wrote for my high school Class reunion from Miami OK, hope ya like it!

From 2015 "It's all over but the paperwork" & "You're so hip" from the great Blues City Deli of St Louis MO!

These two below are a blast from the past!  2011, found them on the YOU,

I don't remember this jam at all LOL!

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